Meet the cast of Never Not Funny!


Jimmy Pardo

Known as a podcasting pioneer for being one of the first, Jimmy Pardo is also a seasoned veteran of comedy clubs and late night television having appeared on such shows as The Tonight Show, Conan, The Late Late Show and his own half hour special on Comedy Central. 


  • Favorite Band: Chicago
  • Favorite Movie: Breaking Away
  • Favorite TV Sitcom: The Dick Van Dyke Show, All In The Family, Mary Tyler Moore
  • Favorite TV Drama: Deadwood
  • Favorite Detective Show: Columbo, McCloud, Kojak
  • Favorite NNF Episode: Can’t choose, they are all my babies
  • Favorite Child: Oliver

Matt Belknap

Matt Belknap is a Grammy Award-winning record producer who makes his living as a podcast co-host. He founded the seminal comedy message board in 2001 and co-founded its spin-off comedy label AST Records in 2006, the same year he and Jimmy started Never Not Funny. He also co-founded the podcast hosting platform ART19 in 2011. More recently he has promised to stop co-founding things. Matt lives in Burbank with his wife Elise and their two children, Zoe and Charlie.


  • Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Trading Places, GoodFellas
  • Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
  • Favorite Band: Beastie Boys
  • Favorite Singer/Songwriter: Taylor Swift
  • Favorite Superhero: Spider-Man
  • Favorite Spider-Man: Tom Holland
  • Favorite Comedian: Jimmy Pardo
  • Favorite Soccer Teams: U.S. Men's & Women's National Teams, Chelsea, LAFC
  • Favorite Video Game: Super Mario Odyssey

Eliot Hochberg

In addition to being the video producer for Never Not Funny and Pardcast-A-Thon, Eliot designed the board game ILIOS (published by Playford Games), streams games like Minecraft on Twitch, loves playing and streaming TTRPGs like D&D, and designed the original logo for Broadcom Corp. Nobody is really sure why he included that last one.


  • Favorite Food: pizza
  • Favorite Color: blue (black is a close second)
  • Favorite Comedy Movies: Young Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother
  • Favorite Swear Word: Biscuit
  • Favorite TV Sitcom: Rick & Morty
  • Favorite Streaming Service: Hulu
  • Favorite Camcorder Brand: Sony
  • Favorite RPG Where A Character Can Die During Creation: Traveler

Garon Cockrell

Garon is an award-winning, published LGBTQIA writer, podcaster, producer, streamer, and pop culture nerd living in Los Angeles by way of small town Michigan. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Screenwriting, a massive film and vinyl collection, and an active social media presence he uses to raise awareness for mental health, social issues, and his opinions on popular culture, which no one has asked for. He has two chart-topping published books, "Demonic and Other Tales" & "The Darkest Hours" and has been a cast-member on the legendary podcast, Never Not Funny, for nearly a decade.

His life long love of horror led him to chase his dream of writing films, but his ultimate goal is to tell great stories that people can connect with emotionally for unforgettable experiences, no matter the genre or the format.

He’s been often described as “funnier than Pete Davidson” on one episode of Never Not Funny.


  • Favorite Food: pizza
  • Favorite Color: purple (pink is a close second)
  • Favorite Movie: After many years of deliberation and experimentation: Jaws
  • Favorite Swear Word: I don’t think you’re allowed to ask this
  • Favorite Band - Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s
  • Favorite TV Sitcom: The Golden Girls, Mary Tyler Moore
  • Favorite Gay Show: Heartstopper
  • Favorite NNF episode: Matt Iseman IYKYK
  • Favorite The Child: Grogu

Andrew Koenig

Andrew Koenig was the original video producer for Never Not Funny. He was best known for his roles in TV and film, and his activism for issues like environmentalism, freedom for Burma, and was a staunch vegan. We lost him in 2010, and he is the AK47 that we have not forgotten.



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